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Introducing the Healthy Profit Centers.

Our compact vending centre offers you a selection of tasty snacks and cold drinks. Feel free to pay with debit cards, credit cards or cash. You can even pay with your phone. We cover all aspects of the location’s needs.

Please ask about our new elevator touch screen healthy vending machine!

Healthy Profit Center (Download Image)

  • Products – track each product in any machine by name, cost, size, quantity purchased, date purchased, etc.
  • Machines – specify a name or number for each machine, the products selling in each machine and the prices of each product
  • Locations – track the contact information for each location and your point of contact. Also track commission (if paid)
  • Routes – function as one large route or divide into sub-routes based on geographic location. Track when each machine was placed and the expected restocking schedule for each sub-route
  • ePort Dashboard – analyzes the RemotePlus™ data sent by each of your Refreshment Stations. Get a quick snapshot of the cash & credit sales in your machine(s) or narrow down to a specific machine and examine each transaction
  • Reports – run reports on any important aspect of your machine(s) – expenses, ROI, profit & loss, sales tax and more
  • Pre-Kitting – take the guesswork out of restocking. Using data from the RemotePlus™ Monitoring System on specific product information, print a list of exactly what products you need to fully restock each machine
  • Maximize Revenue – track each product as you evaluate the top sellers in each individual machine. Go beyond stocking your machines with national

We are proud to introduce our new compact healthy vending machine for the micro market (picture above on the right).
Ask us for details.


RemotePlus™ Monitoring System

All Refreshment Stations are DEX (Data Exchange) Compatible. What does this option mean to you?

Finally, you can take the guesswork out of restocking your vending machines…and much, much more!

It’s called Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM). Quite simply, RMM provides a complete, end-to-end intelligent wireless monitoring solution that transforms important data into business knowledge. Receive a confidential report each morning that breaks down everything you want to know about how each of your Refreshment Stations performed the previous day. This is POWERFUL information at your fingertips that can be viewed and monitored in your pajamas. The result is improved efficiencies, reduced costs, improved customer service and optimization of your revenues

MediaLink™ Digital Display Package

It’s time to redefine vending! With your Refreshment Station’s capability of operating our MediaLink™ Digital Display Package, you can add another revenue stream by displaying digital video ads. You can also display vivid product images or educate consumers with nutritional information.


  • 19” digital LCD video screen
  • Strategically positioned for maximum impact
  • Video can operate with or without audio
  • Display video loop or digital pictures
  • Set start & stop times
  • Motion sensor technology
  • Upload data via CF card, USB or flash drive
  • Can be used to view initial machine set up videos

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