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We offer many healthy food options in our revolutionary vending machines. Visit our Products page for more.

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Please ask about our new elevator touch screen healthy vending  machine.

The Future Is Healthy Vending

Finally we caught on to all these clues around us! The future of vending in Canada is healthy vending. For years the doctors have warned us of the health risks associated with junk foods.

More and more consumers are checking labels and are becoming aware of what they are eating. It was right about at this point that we began to hear that governments were ready to act. They started in several provinces by banning all junk food from Schools and introducing new stringent guidelines. We anticipate that it will not be long until all provinces impose a virtual ban on unhealthy foods in all vending machines in schools and public buildings.

Different Ways To Pay!

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missing children society of canada


All participating Snack 4 Health Vending Machine operators support the Missing Children by contributing $120 per year per machine, all machines will have missing children on our LCD Display Screens across Canada.


Our Vending Machine Features

“ Interactive HD Display ”

“ Scrolling Price Display ”

“ LED Lighting ”

“ Cashless Option ”

“ Coin Changer ”

“ Vend Sensor ”

“ High Efficiency ”

“ Eco-Friendly Design ”

“ 16 Cold Drink Selections ”

“ 17 Healthy Snack Selections ”

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